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Juli has taken care of my animals for many years. I never worried about their care which gave me a chance to have a worry free vacation. She obviously loves each animal that she takes care of and can be trusted to be kind and attentive to her charges.

Peggy Apjoke

When I brought my Carolina dog, Katie, home she was almost completely wild and fearful.  She needed somebody special to take care of her when I was not at home.  I spoke to every local pet sitter and chose Juli.  Katie soon bonded with Juii and was always excited to see her.  I always knew that I could trust Juli; she was amazing and professional.

Gary Duecker

Caring and accommodating.  My pets ar mor than pets, they are my family and I don't hand ovr their care easily.  I've never worried about their care in Juli's capable hands.  Under ther thorough and loving watch I've always come home to happy and relaxed dogs, no easy feat with my pack.  Mortimer, Lucy and Greta give her six paws up!

Kori Lundberg
I want to express how much I value the care Juli has given to all of  my animals whenever I need to be away from home.  Cinnamon was always glad to see her and was comfortable in her care.   Her extra efforts in taking Cinnamon for extra playtime with other dogs was far more than was required and made it possible for me to stay away without worrying.

Priscilla Estes